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Check out 3 of the new tracks from Kinetika for the new EP.
To be released on Kinetik/ Mansion records soon.

1. She Gave Me Something
2. Infinity
3. Feel the Drumz

Darkpsyde of the Mansion – VA. Album

Darkpsyde of the Mansion is a fresh darkpsy release compiled by Mansion Records based in Johannesburg , South Africa, in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind. Proudly Releasing our First VA Album featuring most Well known Mansion Based Live DARK PSY Acts... Enter now into an unknown universe and inexplicable psychedelic space with the most intense vibrations of dark psytrance.

Darkpsyde of the Mansion - Mansion Records © MΛDЄ IИ SOUTH ΛFЯICΛ . 2011

ONE – VA . Album

Mansion Records' new project from a handfull of producers with vast experience in the electronic music dance scene, based between Cape Town and Johannesburg , revisit the more intricate deep , fat and groovy sounds of progressive psy trance and Full on , aiming for a perfect balance between underground dark beats and uplifting psychedelic melodies to bring a whole new Bounce experience to the dancefloor .. Now with our second release in the make, a album with tune's that will set a proper peak time mood in any dancefloor ...

From the producers thast brought you ONE Festival 11-11-11 comes "ONE" , an epic & exclusive winter album launch to break winter's grip this July!!
Featuring ice schattering tracks from DELIRIANT, KILLER-B, ORGANOISE and NATURAL DISASTER, also included is a documentary film that takes you back to ONE Festival 11-11-11.

ONE - Mansion Records © MΛDЄ IИ SOUTH ΛFЯICΛ . 2012

Sound Mind

Mansion Records is proud to present the new album Sound Mind by KZVX aka Kozvox. To reach ultimate consciousness one has to be of sound mind, a conscious journey through the aid of vibration, the fundamental achievement of oneness and unconditional LOVE.

KZVX is a fast paced, energetic psy trance and minimal tech act from South Africa that performs between 127 & 150 BPM, having studied at the likes of the S.A.E music institute and the Jazz Workshop. KZVX is Anthony Panayotou and Chris Hall. They play mainly original, electronic music, sometimes with live instruments but also play mixed Dj sets of their favourite artists on occasion.

They create other styles of music as well, including house, dubstep, drum n bass, ambient and breakbeat. Their gear consists of laptops, various hardware and software synthesizers, samplers, efx units, drums and percussion. They are known for their extravagant live shows and energetic performances.

Sound Mind - Mansion Records © MΛDЄ IИ SOUTH ΛFЯICΛ . 2013

Theory of 13

THEORY OF 13, Hydro's debut album on Mansion Records is a musical journey through soul infused techno and brain melting live instrumental recordings of the cello, double bass, bass guitar, piano, guitar and oud. A moment where the symbiosis of music and ambience meet each other in a twisted embrace of the contrary.

The album brings together an amalgamation of influences and includes a contribution from a rapper and even a touch of beat-boxing. A master blend of fusion, the true essence of each instrument is uniquely captured and integrated into a thought provoking electronic momentary soundscape.

THEORY OF 13 - Mansion Records © MΛDЄ IИ SOUTH ΛFЯICΛ . 2015

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