THAL!A is the co-host of MixFM 93.8's Sunset Dance with Al Gray - Every Saturday night from 7-9pm, showcasing the best in Trance and underground music in South Africa and across the globe.

She started DJing in 2005 with underground Progressive House and Techno. Her sound slowly morphed and expanded and over time she found herself also being drawn to the harder, faster side of underground. The progression was seamless, and eventually in 2009 she split her CD case in two and officially started playing Psy-Trance as a stand-alone genre.

She began with dark Progressive Psy, and has since woven her way through the Psy-Trance sub-genres. Her Fullon has a perfectly sexy dose of attitude, and her rolling psychedelic sound is made for a midnight stroll through the Forest. Traces of Techno are always heard in her Psy, as is that golden thread of intensity that makes THAL!A who she is.

A founding member of Divas on Decks in 2009 and Teknotribe Label DJ as of 2012, THAL!A has built up a reputation as one of the most respected female DJs in South Africa. She has played all over South Africa as well as in Zambia, Namibia and Mozambique at countless venues and events, including the likes of Tswaing Crater Gathering, Revolution, Teknotribe, Twilight, Psy in the City, Fu-Cha, Earthdance, Truth, H2O, 52's Funk Shui (P.E), Areira Fest & Mozamboogy to name a few.

She has shared the stage with all SA's top underground & Psy-Trance DJs, as well as international DJs Freedom Fighters, Ace Ventura, Captain Hook, Loud, Perfect Stranger, Talpa, Iliuchina, Breathead, Ital, Sancho Pancho, Atomic Pulse, Aho, Antispin, Blastoyz, Berg, Major 7, Sinerider, Divination, Whiptongue, Timelock, Weekend Heros, D-Addiction, Hypnoise, Lost & Found, Threads, Virtual Light, Sychotria, Outsiders, Joseph Capriati, Luigi Madonna, Victor Ruiz, Alberto Ruiz, Alex Stein, Wehbba, Sarah Main and shared the decks with High M Vectro (Vectro Electro) for an exclusive sunrise set.