Solara is the Psytrance act of Natalia Roux, born and bred in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Music and the performing arts were introduced to Natalia very early in life. She started dancing at the age of 4 and eventually made a successful career from performing arts for many years. In parallel to this, she still counts her lucky stars that, at age 12, a school friend’s brother introduced her to
The Prodigy and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with underground electronic music. And so, after many years of yearning, it was time to fulfil her dream of becoming a DJ and sharing this amazing music with fellow patrons.

It was not long before Natalia’s techno act, Senjo, was signed to Teknotribe Records. She gained immense experience playing at some of the country's most renowned parties including Twilight, Tswaing Crater Gathering, Revolution NYE, Fu-Cha Gatherings and the world renowned Mozamboogy. Meanwhile the psytrance bug had also bitten and so Solara was born.

Solara had discovered, whilst following labels such as Zenon and No Qualms Records, a fresh and upcoming sub-genre of psytrance known as psygressive. She is very proud to be one of the pioneers in bringing this fresh vibe to crowds in South Africa. Come day or night, Solara's sound is energetic, distinct and defining. Her evening sets will bring you a slightly darker, somewhat twisted, industrial, yet dynamic sound... A sound inspired by our universe and it's undiscovered masses that conceal potentially big-ass spaceships and aliens from us ツ

Having played Psytrance at various prominent festivals in South Africa and Mozambique, in 2014 Solara was signed to Mansion Records and is very proud to be part of this talented team of DJ’s and producers.