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At the Age 17 , Manifesto aka Roman Sergey has emerged as a Underground scene DJ in 1998, blending his unique brand of Fullon Epic Progressive Psy Trance rhythms and a kinetic crowd connection to mesmerizing effect. His magnetic appeal propelling him to performances at top venues around S.A

Forging a maverick career as DJ, Music Producer, Event Promoter / Record Label Owner and Artist. With Over a Decade of Experience Roman is a Creative Force who is breaking the rules and bringing it all together with an eye towards what's next

Manifesto's DJ sets bridge progressive powerful baselines, thunderous tribal kicks, unforgettable psychedelic melodies and hypnotic vocals to create experiences that are both magically appealing. His trademark "Manifesto Experience" tears up dance floors and crushes expectations, leaving in it's wake a trail of melodies and memories that keep winning over new fans long after the night has ended.

Manifesto's unique and uplifting sound style connects intrinsically with the very broadest of audiences. The nature of his crossover style highlighted by commercial sensibilities has built a career working and performing alongside with some of Worlds most leading artist like - ACE VENTURA, NEELIX, CAPTAIN HOOK, MAJOR 7, COMING SOON, FREEDOM FIGHTERS, D-ADDICTION, LOUD, PERFECT STRANGER, FABIO & MOON, GROUCH, VINI VICI, TIMELOCK, DUST, KLOPFGEISTER, PHAXE, BERG, LOST & FOUND, HEADROOM , ATOMIC PULSE, MENOG, BIOGENESIS to Name a few.... .And also he has built a career working with some of South Africa's most leading Outdoor Trance events and underground dance brands and Radio Stasions such as 5-FM, Mix Fm, UJFM, PULSE FM, , Tswaing Crater Gathering, REVOLUTION NYE, Mozamboogy, MOKSHA, ONE Festival 11-11-11, Orbit productions, Vortex/Red eye, Cosmogenesis, Fucha Gatherings, Thornfest, the Psychedelic Mansion, Teknotribe, Mansion Records, TWILIGHT, Truth, Slippery & Wet, to Name a few....