After his introduction to trance in 1997, Kalahari began throwing parties on his farm in the Kalahari where he first started playing, sometimes for as long as 18 hours. After an appearance at Cosmic Dust floor at the Burn for an 8 hour set, and a festival set at Beat Around the Bush in 2011, Kris began playing regularly at parties around Johannesburg, and for the last two season's he's played several gigs in Cape Town including Earth Dance, Vortex Groovy Troopers and Altered States.

" Kalahari is always a treat to watch as his music is as Psychedelic as it comes."
ZeroGravity : "Kris u are the Pink Floyd of Psy Trance. Shmaak ur choons stukkend! "

For me Psytrance is about energy. At the second festival I went to I discovered this abundant energy source.