Jamanji AKA Vinny Victor is bringing the psychedelic back to progressive with organic, smooth psychedelic sounds that flow like a river through jagged peaks of intense basslines.

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and raised in Johannesburg south Africa, Jamanji brings his unique and colourful life experiences to the dancefloor.

Vinny Victor made a name for himself as a DJ/Producer in the Johannesburg dubstep scene, especially at the notoriously funky The Woods club in Newtown. Then, in 2012, he was captivated by the psychedelic revelations that he found in the pounding rhythms of psytrance.

As the human race speeds towards a spiritual awakening, brought on by the final achievement of harmony between man, nature and machine, this realization can be heard and felt in his music. Valuing sound creativity, the natural flow of emotions, and intricately designed track lists, Jamanji is using his technical skills and Congolese heritage to full advantage. Expect the jungle to come to life around you when he takes to the decks, and then stomp your feet to the sound of the new technoshamanic era.