Listening within the noise, muzik that through its multitudes of layers captures and captivates the senses, with a sense of intrigue and doubt a sound that always leaves you thinking. He has crafted a unique twisted style and buried within this contorted mess is the fire that feeds his soul. An experienced deck technician with seamless and subtle transitions and a love for getting his hands filthy on a pair of decks.

His debut album was released internationally on Loob Label and a local cd release on Mansion Records and saw him collaborate with some of the most talented musicians that South Africa has to offer. The album was a concept project of the study of muzik and noise and the launch now infamous in the underground circles brought together all this live talent on stage where the Theory of 13 band orchestrated his twisted thoughts of audial mayhem. His host of remixes released on Hernan Bass’s label Krad Records, Mansion Records, Bugs n Stuff Records and TripleFire Records has seen his beats end up in worldwide record boxes. His muzik is based in his love for all the dirt and the value it has in life, where the intense and brooding atmospheres provides the perfect cover for the often haunting and intense muzik to edge its way over to you. His fervour is based in the surreal strums of an instrument and the perfect tone it yields on the ear and this is exactly where his sound is going too.

Being an Orbit or Mansion Productions resident for 5 years has seen him playing muzik in some of the most beautiful places South Africa has to offer. He has shared the stage with some of the most talented people in the industry internationally and locally and his made a mess of dance floors countrywide and beyond the borders. His DJing has seen him dropping his twisted vibrations on various platforms including satellite TV, Radio and Internet Radio. With an ever increasingly full diary and an expanding range of tastes his looking at developing some new genres and styles this year. The psychedelic is definitely beckoning and definitely an expansion into the field of live production.

Not being content with just the muzik making and beat breaking he has involved himself in various other sections of the industry. One of the founding members of Sound Theory which started an underground movement in the capital city and went on to host various events and residencies in and around Pretoria and Johannesburg, hosted a show on the Sound Republic internet radio station and dabbled in the publishing side of the industry when they joined forces with EQ to reach the listener through the pen with their online magazine called “Theoretikally Speaking” where he used his words to express his love for the beat and got the opportunity to interview and work with some of the biggest people in the industry. Currently his working at getting himself involved in a number of different projects, from the legal side of the industry to clothing and always eager to try something new. Whether it be conceptualising an experimental sound or tweaking your senses through the speakers, it’s always guaranteed to be something just slightly deviated from the centre.