Chris Palmer likes to dance and make others dance. He first got into Psytrance after watching Royston, the famous “Boogy Monsta” destroy a house party at Paul Flynn from Sugardrive’s house warming in 1996. From there he frequented the infamous soft and comfy parties where he managed to catch Jacques “Starspine” Coetzee’s second ever Psy set. Chris began exploring ways to fuse different styles of music together, from his early years of playing the piano to his later Punk, Goth and Rock years. Flowing from one style to the next, Chris moved between Trance, Progressive, House and Electronica before becoming completely engrossed in Techno.

Chromagene was born and began to fuse different dance music styles with traditional African pieces. Chris performed the finale at the SAMA’s in 2000 and they were nominated for a SAMA Award in 2001 for a remix they did of West Nkosi’s “Tu Mabone”, entitled “To The Light”. West died while the piece was being created and it became a tribute to his family. Chris became obsessed by trying to find the “real” sound in dance music and began a long journey into deep, dark Techno, joining Teknotribe on their missions. Chris has been involved in over 80 Teknotribe parties and collaborations, performing with some of the best Techno minds to visit our country. From Chris Liberator and Dave The Drummer to Joseph Capriati and Luigi Madonna, the rich drums and rhythms in Techno have been a wonderful school.

Visiting Afrikaburn in 2010, Chris found himself playing for 30 hours in 5 days. Never had he experienced music on such a strong and emotional level. The ability to journey through so much great music in such a creative space made it a magical time. Through Ableton Live and Traktor DJ, Chris had been pushing through the digital performance technology, learning a lot about how it is perceived and how much it can enhance a performance. Still a strong believer in analog sound and character, Chris has maintained a strong link. With a Roland Juno 60 and Allen and Heath Mix board, british and Japanese electronics form a crucial part of his sound.

Such is the precision of Psytrance and the high quality of work involved in the production of the music that Chris has been working to bring many of his influences together in a collaboration with Mansion Records. The label is home to some amazing artists and is constantly striving to push music forward in Johannesburg. “Creating the perfect balance between art and celebration is my aim. I’ve been lucky with music, I can only smile and say thanks :)”. So much good music being seen from our artists, we’re growing all the time!